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Question 1 :

Who was the first athlete to run a mile in under 4 minutes on 06 May 1954?

Question 2 :

During World War II two summer olympic games were cancelled. The first was in 1940 to officially be hosted by Tokyo, Japan. What was the second cancelled olympic games?

Question 3 :

Which sport event attracts the largest recorded crowds in a single day?

Question 4 :

Who captained the Australian Wallabies during their 1991 Rugby World Cup campaign, in which they were crowned The William Webb Ellis trophy champions?

Question 5 :

Who is the most capped South African cricketer, representing his country a record 323 times?

Question 6 :

In 2016 for the Rio Summer Olympics, two sporting events we’re added to the roster. One was sevens rugby. What was the other?

Question 7 :

Which women’s tennis player holds the record for the most Wimbledon titles since the open era started?

Question 8 :

During a basketball match, how many players are allowed per team on the court?

Question 9 :

According to Forbes, who was the highest paid sport athlete in 2019? (Including endorsements)

Question 10 :

Which rugby player scored the most tries during the 2019 Rugby World Cup hosted by Japan?