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Question 1 :

What was the name of the song performed by “The Buggles” which was recorded as the first song broadcasted on Mtv?

Question 2 :

“Wake me up before you go go” a popular hit released in 1984 and written by George Michael was performed by which band?

Question 3 :

What was the name of the artist who originally performed the song “I wanna dance with somebody” released in 1987?

Question 4 :

Which album sold 47 Million certified copies worldwide and holds the record for the best selling album of all time?

Question 5 :

What was the name of Rihanna’s first released single? The record was released in August 2005, and reached No.2 on the Billboard albums chart.

Question 6 :

Prior to becoming the lead singer of Foo Fighters, which highly popular group from the 80’s & 90’s did Dave Grohl belong to?

Question 7 :

What is the full names of American singer, songwriter and actress Madonna, referred to as the “Queen of Pop” since the 1980’s ?

Question 8 :

Which artist originally performed the Lion King’s soundtrack “The Circle of Life” released in 1994?

Question 9 :

Which trio of brother released the song ‘Mmm Bop’ in 1997?

Question 10 :

Where was singer, Celine Marie Claudette Dion born?