Ilze Le Clus Payment

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This Quotation includes :

  • The purchase of a Website.
  • Local hosting at Elite Host included for a period of 1(ONE) year. After which the client becomes liable for this payment approximately R 75.00/month
  • 150 pre-loaded products included. (R 165.95/hour charged additionally for product uploads exceeding 150 products.)
  • FREE Theme options.
  • FREE plugin options.
  • Woocommerce Online Store plugin.
  • Jetpack Store management plugin.
  • Elementor Website design plugin.
  • The Design of the website to your liking, subject to theme and plugin allowances.
  • Setup of Delivery/Shipping structure.
  • Setup of Pricing structure.
  • Setup of ordering structure.
  • Setup of communication structure.
  • Setup of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Ads integration structure.
  • Setup of Product integration.
  • 3 Hours maintenance and/or upgrade assistance per month

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  • The Total amount does not include optional items listed within the pricing data
  • SLLE Projects work on a first come, first served basis. Once the deposit payment is received, will the job card be scheduled. Website design usually takes approximately 7 – 14 Calendar days to complete.
  • The deposit payment for this job card is R 300.00
  • Continuation of hosting with the service provider can be provided at R75.00 per month after a period of 1 year. Subject to a 10% annual increase on the 1st of March of each following year.
  • This invoice does not include any functionality or theme addons for which purpose the service provider are additionally liable for payment thereof.
  • Any functionality or theme addons required or desired by the customer for which purpose additional cost is necessary, is billed separately.
  • It is agreed that online store websites on a monthly rental will be integrated with PayFast Online Payment services provided by the service provider. All online payment sales will be subject to a 7% bank charge/Fee. Payout requests by the customer is subject to a R30.00 bank charge for normal withdrawals and takes approximately 4 working days to reflect in the customers bank account. Immediate payout requests are subject to a R120.00 bank charge and takes approximately 1-2 hours to reflect in the customer’s bank account.
  • Website purchase customers have the option whether they want to make use of their own online payment services. In which case the customer to provide integration codes for their separate account.
  • Included in the website purchase is 3(THREE) hours maintenance and/or update assistance per month, starting on the first day of each month. “FREE” hours maintenance and/or update assistance does not carry over to the following month.
  • Once the 3(THREE) hours maintenance and/or update assistance has been exhausted, the customer will become liable to pay a fee of R165.95 per hour for any maintenance and/or update requirements. Provided that maintenance or updates required is not the responsibility of the service provider, which include; i) plugin, theme or widget updates ii) debugging as a result of plugin, theme or widget updates iii) plugin, theme or widget “glitches”.
  • The website and online rights remain the property of the service provider until amounts owed has been settled in FULL by the customer, after which ownership and online rights become the property of the customer.
  • The remaining balance of R 3,308.00 is payable in 11 (ELEVEN) equal monthly installments  upon completion of the website estimated to be 2 – 3 Weeks from the date of which the deposit payment is received.
  • Please note that additional charges for products exceeding the number of 150 AND/OR Additional time spent on creating product images, logo’s, changes to requests by client or any additional item not included in the normal design of the website is not included in the purchase price of R3,608.00. Should additional items apply, the cost thereof will be divided in 11 (ELEVEN) equal monthly installments charged together with the base monthly installment amount.
  • It is agreed that the service provider is allowed to recover losses from services and product sales from the website, in the event that payment is not received in FULL within 30days from the date when monthly payment becomes due. Losses include necessary marketing fees and/or debt collection and legal fees to recover losses.
  • It is agreed that the service provider cannot be held responsible for any “glitches” to the website, should the customer obtain a third party service provider, technician or external party to conduct maintenance or updates on the website.
  • The customer is NOT required to sign these terms and conditions. It is agreed that once the deposit payment is made by the customer that he/she agrees to the above terms and conditions.


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